Range Hood Cleaning and Exhaust Fan Filter Degreasing Tips

Hood Cleaning NashvilleWe receive many requests regarding cleaning your home hood. We are a commercial hood cleaner and cannot clean residential systems. Residential hood cleaning is not possible with our pressure systems and methods. However, we can provide some tips on cleaning the hood in your home.

Is your filter dirty and ruining your meals? Expert tips from a professional range hood cleaner will help you find three effective ways to clean your range hood filter.

You can cause a blockage in the filter’s ability function if you don’t clean it regularly.

Cleaning these parts is easy and does not require complex formulas. The majority of these recipes only require one or two ingredients, which are likely to be found in your household’s pantry.

A dirty range hood can be greasy, slimy and warm. This is an environment in which some pathogens, such as bacteria and the like, thrive. Small food particles, which are carried with the fumes and settle on filters, help to feed the bacteria.

Regular Hood Cleaning is Simple

It may not seem like the best use of your time but you need to ensure that your range hood filters remain clean. Broan and other top manufacturers recommend cleaning the filters at least once every month.

This is a lot to clean if you are like all homeowners. Most people have not cleaned their filters in over a decade. As a Broan Range Hood expert, I have to agree with you. These are the reasons why you need to maintain a clean filter:

Here are Some Simple Steps to Clean Your Range Hood Filter

You should clean your metallic grease filters often. They are typically made from aluminum or stainless steel. They can be found at the base or top of your range hood and would either be mesh filters or baffle filter.

While it might seem like a tedious task, it can take as little as 15 minutes to clean your range hood filters.

A combination of support or a fastener is probably the most difficult attachment. It is difficult because some models have the rotating flap in such an awkward place that it is difficult to grasp. You may need to use a spoon, or a screwdriver, to turn it.

Notice: I will proceed from the most effective cleaning technique to the least effective. This is done in order to save you time. You would only move to another method if supplies are not available or you prefer a simpler method.Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

You won’t need to use grease remover or dish soap to do the job. Instead, you will use dishwasher detergent. Alternately, you can also try vinegar and baking soda.

This is the best method to clean if you are following your cleaning routine and cleaning at least once a month.

Your filters might have accumulated grease and dirt if they aren’t regularly cleaned. If this happens, simply placing them in the dishwasher won’t work. Instead, you’ll need to follow one of these three steps.

Because the filters are metal, I don’t recommend blowing them dry. It could cause electric shocks and in extreme cases lead to death. The best thing to do is let them dry. Make sure they are dry before you place them. This is important to avoid any possible damage to the wiring.

You will find grease and oil deposits around the grease filters and on the cooktop. These areas can be easily cleaned by using a mild detergent.

Use a napkin and spray some degreaser. Wipe away. You should read the instructions before spraying. Some of these degreasers can be concentrated so make sure to mix it with water.

If the degreaser comes in a spray can, don’t dilute it. It is already dilute. Spraying spray degreaser with a lot of water is counterproductive. A concentrated degreaser must be dilute with hot water before it can work. Zep’s industrial purple is the same as what professionals use.

If you have a large enough sink to soak the filters, an automatic dishwasher detergent may be able to help. This is what I use when I don’t have industrial purple. Automated dishwashing powder can be used to soak and help lift grease from difficult-to-scrub locations.

The Comment Section

“In most cases the dishwasher works great to clean these extractor filters. However, make sure they are dry before re-fitting. Otherwise corrosion may occur.”

“My filter is terrible. It was first soaked in dish soap overnight. After that, I rinsed it with dish soap for about an hour. It was spotless, but it was clean. Next, we used the vinegar and baking soda technique. The result was sparkling clean.

commercial kitchen hood cleaning“Excessive grease and oils on the filter can also cause dishwasher damage. If you clean your range hood once every six months, this is the best method.

“Remember that commercial hood cleaning services cannot clean your filter or hood.”

You can reach up to the top of your duct with a rag or degreaser. Even though you may only be able a foot or so, this will allow for a more thorough cleaning of the hood than allowing grease to build up.