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Commercial Kitchen for Rent

Restaurant Cleaning ServicesMaybe you’d like to try your commercial food ideas at a commercial kitchen.  I am a proprietor of a hood cleaning business and thought this was a fascinating trend.

The country offers a variety of shared-use kitchens that offer an affordable way to create a business and provide production space in licensed facilities. You can rent high-quality, licensed commercial kitchens. Let’s cook!

Shared Use Kitchen Space

Commercial kitchens (sometimes called kitchen incubators or community commercial kitchens) are licensed, inspected establishments that rent space for start-ups and small-scale food businesses.

A shared-use, commercial kitchen is a commercially-licensed space for chefs, bakers, caterers, food trucks, and other culinary professionals. In order to rent cooking space, you will typically need to pay either by the hour or a membership. You can also use expensive resources such as equipment and cold storage.

A commercial kitchen can be expensive and time-consuming, especially if your goal is to launch a food company. What you don’t need to worry about when renting from a commissary-use kitchen?

Benefits of a shared-use, commercial kitchen

A commercial kitchen with professional equipment is more than just a place for you to cook. You will have a team of chefs, food producers, caterers and other like-minded business people to share their knowledge, help you, and build camaraderie.Nashville Hood Cleaning

Sometimes, commissary kitchens provide additional services such as demo space and incubator programs that can help your company bring in the money. You are the food expert. They can help your company scale.

Remember that every commercial kitchen has its own rules, equipment and uses. You should also research the kitchen you are considering renting in order to ensure it is suitable for your event or business. When you begin your search for commercial kitchen space, it is important to consider the following: size, location and equipment.

Commercial kitchens are used often by caterers, independent chefs, food truck and baker owners, as well others who require access to professional cooking space. Multiple teams of professional chefs use a commercial kitchen to prepare meals at events, rather than a restaurant.

Consider the space that you’ll use and the purpose of your kitchen. You should also consider where you are and how often you will use the space.

Many shared commercial kitchens include equipment such as stainless-steel tables, walk in coolers & freezes, ice machine and commercial dishwashers.

What’s the Purpose of a Commercial Kitchen, You Ask?

Commercial kitchens can be called commercial kitchens because they are commercial-grade facilities and come in many sizes, shapes, styles, and designs. You can expect to find an oven and a grill in most kitchens. Larger kitchens may contain multiple of each and more than one prep table or dishwasher to keep the kitchen moving.

These communal kitchen owners pay for all permits and adhere to local health codes. A professional space is a benefit for smaller businesses such as those mentioned above. However, it does not come with huge overhead costs. You might be wondering what it would cost to rent commercial kitchens.

How Much Does it Cost for a Commercial Chef to Rent?

Commercial Hood Cleaning NashvilleThere are many options to answer the question: “How much does a commercial kitchen cost?” Naturally, you will want to choose the best option for your needs and budget. It can be overwhelming to determine where to start your search and how you should find a commercial cooking space to rent. We have compiled some helpful tips and done some research to save you all the trouble.

Peerspace is one of the largest national providers of commercial kitchens to rent. Peerspace rentals cost between $75 and $200 per hour. Peerspace rentals are extremely affordable because you don’t need to pay any membership fees or monthly fees. You won’t find this when you rent commercial kitchens through any other channels.

A lot of commercial kitchens require a monthly rental and a security deposit. This is in addition to an hourly rate that typically ranges from $15-30 per hour. Additionally, memberships or monthly leases require a minimum of $300 to several thousand dollars. This makes it prohibitive for anyone who wants to only use the kitchen occasionally. This means that it could cost several thousand of dollars to hire a commercial kitchen just for one event.

Let’s use the Peerspace commercial kitchens as an example. The Chicago kitchen has a five hour minimum and costs $250 per anhour. The San Francisco kitchen and event venue costs $300 per hour with three-hour minimum. The NYC commercial kitchen, which costs $400 an hour, has a four-hour minimum and is on the higher end. Finally, the Houston commercial kitchen renovation costs $85 an-hour and requires a minimum of 4 hours.